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Welcome to our new organizing home.

Thanks to the labor movement banner
Your in-plant organizing committee is: Tony Bellamy,  Roger "3 O'clock" Clark,   Dennis "The Enforcer" Brannock,   Greg Pelfrey,  Jim Rohr,  Shane Nolan,   Quentin Gay,  Tommy Wells,  Rodney Clem,  Hugh Reed,  Scotty P'Simer,  Josh Banks, Chip Burton, Adrian (Ace) Lavizzio, Timmy Wells and Marcus Bryant.   We serve notice to all that, under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, we are participating in a Federally Protected Activity to organize the workforce of International Paper Lexington for the purpose of collective bargaining.   Any and all of the contents of this website is used, exclusively,  for that stated purpose. No other meaning should be assigned or implied to said content. By Federal Law, any misrepresentation or alteration of the original copyrighted material  contained in this website is forbidden.   Copyright International Paper Lexington Plant Union Homepage 2013
This network is created and managed by Marcus Bryant & Tony Bellamy   with the sole intentions of exercising their legal right to organize for the  purpose of collective bargaining.  
Here you will find a new streamlined and modern version of our older site. There will be a lot of new information featured here as well as the older information we still think is relative to our campaign to organize the Lexington Plant. Feel free to look around and enjoy the new look and features we have built in for your convenience. All updates will be featured on the “New Updates Page.”  If you would like to submit a commentary on an issue you are having in this plant, go to the “Contact Page” and feel free to voice your opinion on anything of concern to you. We will note these concerns and address them for you.
This video was submitted by Tony Bellamy and is very interesting and informative. It puts our position as working people in perspective as viewed by upper level management. The only hope for the working people of this country is to organize and stand united. So much has been taken already and what little we have left is just a footnote on the balance sheet of corporate accounting. In their endless search for more and more profits, corporate America has forsaken the human element.
HAPPY LABOR DAY!  Click the link below for some interesting history and facts to reflect on this holiday! 9 Ways We're Better Off Now Than We Were On The First Labor Day (And 5 Ways We're Not) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/02/workers-are-better-off-now-than-in-1894_n_3829698.html
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*NOTE* 02-09-2015 New Updates and Pages coming soon as we restructure this campaign for a new year and a new era. Follow us on Facebook!